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Multi-Drop Route Planner

Get efficient optimal routes based on real-life factors

Advanced Route Optimization Algorithm

LogistInWeb™’s powerful Route Optimization Engine is trusted by some of the most recognized brands in the world. It has been developed in accordance with constant feedback from our clients form various industries by a team with 16 years of expertise in building logistics software. LogistInWeb™ is a reliable and scalable solution to the Vehicle Routing and Travelling Salesman Problems that helps you plan effective routes taking into account all your real life factors.

Intelligent routing

Our smart route planning & optimization engine takes into account multiple real-life factors (time windows, vehicle capacity and more).

Loading optimization

Reduce the number of empty loads & distribute the weight evenly between your vehicles to save even more money.

Elastic Logistics

Scale easily for multiple branch offices & any fleet sizes, schedules or business processes anytime. Pay only for what you use.

Smart Geocoding

Use Google and Yandex maps and our excellent mix of automatic & manual tools for effortless geocoding.

Plan vs Actual

Compare Planned vs Actual on-the-road progress & delivery execution in real-time or post-factum. Make better decisions based on data.

Geo intelligence

Divide your delivery areas into zones and assign them drivers to get more effective routing with less trips and mileage.

Efficient Delivery Routing

In 5 simple steps

1. Import Routing Data

Upload spreadsheets with thousands of addresses/orders/stops/routes with parameters to let LogistInWeb™ do all the processing for you.

2. Fine-Tune Geocoding

Auto-plot addresses on a map in 1 click. Quickly pick geocoded addresses with dynamic input. Enter coordinates or set points right on a map to add stops.

3. Auto-Plan Routes

Get preliminary routes for a day based on your restrictions (time windows, zones, and 50+ more params) in 1 click. Optimize with intuitive tools.

4. Fine-Tune Routes

Use dispatcher-tailored ergonomic tools to add or edit stops. Rearrange orders by routes, tweak their number, change orders' sequence, toggle constraints.

5. Export Routing Data

Dispatch routes directly to drivers’ phones in the form of interactive tasks containing all necessary data. Or export routing data to ERP & BI systems.

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